Solving Industry-Specific Problems


TeamWise addresses common workforce related challenges faced by manufacturing industries.

  • TeamWise Roster Feature for Multiple Shift Management
  • Leave and Attendance Management System customized as per your Attendance, Overtime and Shift Off Policies

Service & Retail

Service and Retail industry is catered with their domain-specific workforce solutions.

  • Talent Management System for Minimizing Attrition Rate
  • Robust Recruitment Management System for Continuous Recruitments
  • Audit Trial feature for Audit Shortage tracking

Health Care & Pharmaceutical

HealthCare & Pharmaceutical industry faces serious troubles with tracking employee attendance and their performance. TeamWise offers intelligent features to deal with the situation.

  • TeamWise Time Tracker helps Tracking Employee In and Out Time, offering Flexible Shifts
  • Intelligent Analytics Help Taking Informed Decisions
  • GatePass Functionality for tracking movement of the Employees
  • Roster functionality for scheduling frequent shift changes

IT Industry

IT industry works on a cut-throat competition approach and thus, to be in pace with market, employers need to stay ahead with well-performing workforce.

  • 360 Degree Performance Feedback for Employees
  • Performance Appraisal System helps Giving KRA Ratings to Employees
  • Asset Tracking to manage the assets of the Company
  • Employee Dynamics to keep track of the Employee's Lifecycle
  • Document Management to eradicate paper-based document library


Media is a round-the-clock rolling industry, and needs to be fast-paced. Thus, TeamWise allows the businesses to focus on core activities, rest assured on us.

  • Roster Feature for Flexible Shifts
  • Employee Grievance Redressal Feature for Managing Employee Issues
  • Reimbursement Module to manage and compensate for additional expenses of the Employee
  • Flexible Attendance Capturing technques for Attendance Processing