Key Benefits

Let's explore what our solution have for all stake holders!

TeamWise is a solution that is built keeping in mind all the building blocks of an organization from CEO to HR Departments to Employees to not just get returns, but add long-term values to the organization.

For Executives

Paving Path to Growth

Routing business to grow and flourish with an inquisitive approach towards organizational as well as market scenarios.

Turning Workforce Data into Dollars

Utilizing employee information and data to take decisions on allocating and employing resources in right directions.

Optimize Productivity

Multiply organizational productivity with optimum utilization of time and resources through strategic business initiatives.

Business Leadership

True leadership comes when you have a happy workforce enriched with advanced technologies and business processes.

Operational Excellence

Filling the business process gaps with right technology and system will ensure systematic workflow maximizing organizational performance.

Invest Efforts in Right Direction

Viewing and evaluating workforce performance and transforming gained insights into efforts that drive business efficiencies for achievement of goals and objectives.

For HR Managers

Doing More In Less Time

To mould the organization into a strategically operating entity through enhanced engagement into building new strategies.

Engaging Workforce

Enabling workforce to manage their own daily routine activities like leave and attendance management, etc. with more efficiency.

Authorization to Right People

Empowering Line Managers to handle their sub-ordinates individually and monitoring their performance.

Strengthening Skills

Aligning the distributed data over the single platform and evaluating the individual performances to strengthen skills and expertise.

Process Automation

All-automated functions help HR personnel to pacify the routine tasks while diverting energies to enhance workforce management capabilities.

Robotic Payrolls

Nothing can make HR departments more relieved than a quick and efficient payroll system that eliminates need for any manual efforts.

For Employees

Manage Personal Details

Power to manage personal details in order to smoothen flow of information and avoid any data discrepancies.

Check IT Declarations

Easy accessibility to individual payroll details that help check IT declarations and generate Payslips as well!

Career Growth in the C-box

Self-assessment help employees figure out their performance and career opportunities within the company.

Ease To Perform Daily Activities

Automated functioning for all daily activities including in-out times, leave applications, etc. make workforce advanced and techno-savvy.

Maximize Time Utilization

With all-automated processing, employees get the ability to manage time well and maximize their productivity.

Fit in Organizational Goals

With précised performance monitoring, get clarity in vision and identify roles and responsibilities towards organizational objectives.

Get Everything You Need to Build an 'EXTRAORDINARY' Workforce..!!